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Adding immediate yes/no option to iax.conf

Review Request #143 - Created Feb. 5, 2009 and submitted

David Vossel
mmichelson, russell
jcovert submitted this patch via our bug tracker.  I tested it in trunk and it works.  Here's his description. "IAX phones and devices (such as the IAXy) are cool. When you pick up the phone, a message is sent (even before you dial), and just like on the DAHDI FSX devices, code gets executed.

DAHDI has "immediate=yes" so that when you pick up the phone, you get connected directly to the "s" extension. This is useful for lobby phones, elevator phones, manual service (number please), etc.

It was nearly trivial to implement in chan_iax2.c. I made a deliberate decision to only implement it for users/friends who authenticate (as any properly connected phone or ATA would). Simply add "immediate=yes" in the friend or user definition, and when you pick up the phone, instead of dialtone, you go right to extension "s" in the appropriate context."
Tested in trunk with immediate option on and off.  seems to work find to me. 
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