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Remove dead code in chan_agent

Review Request #267 - Created May 29, 2009 and submitted

Eliel SardaƱons
AgentCallbacklogin was deprecated, but a lot of code regarding that functionality wasn't removed.
Agents are dump in the astdb only if there are logged in with AgentCallbacklogin (not used code).
ackcall could have three values:
ackcall=yes, ackcall=always and ackcall=no Now it is not needed anymore leave always for backward compatibility but make 'yes' work like 'always'.
It is not needed anymore to load agents from the astdb because we are not saving them.
loginchan is being used only by AgentCallbacklogin, is the user is logged with AgentLogin then loginchan is NULL.
Login an agent, receive a call from a queue with and without the ackcall option setted.
Ship it!
Posted (May 29, 2009, 12:22 p.m.)
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