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Abstract tech_pvt for chan_pjsip channels

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Joshua Colp
chan_pjsip currently places its own structure within the tech_pvt of channels. This allows it to store additional information (like an array for quick media session lookups) but also means that given a channel it is not possible to get the session when you know it is a chan_pjsip channel. This is extremely useful for things like frame hooks and allows things to extend behavior and functionality easier.

The attached patch abstracts the tech_pvt for chan_pjsip channels a bit by having a defined structure which contains the implementation details and also the session itself. Since the structure is defined as part of res_sip_session modules can use it to get the session when need be.

I called the structure ast_sip_channel as I couldn't come up with anything else, but if you take offense to the name suggest a new one and it will be changed.
Placed calls, confirmed sane.
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