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Allow the SIP_CODEC family of variables to specify more than one codec

Review Request #2728 - Created July 31, 2013 and submitted

Matt Jordan
For video calls, we would like to set the codecs in the dialplan using 
SIP_CODEC. However, if SIP_CODEC is set, all codecs except the ONE set are disallowed and thus either audio or video is available.
Attached is a patch for 11.4 that allows SIP_CODEC to contain a list of codecs , e.g. "gsm,h264".

As an aside, chan_pjsip has an analogous dialplan function "PJSIP_MEDIA_OFFER". While this doesn't allow for setting multiple codecs, it does handle multiple media types, as you can specify both video or audio for the codec you want to apply - hence I didn't port this patch/feature over to chan_pjsip. If we think it needs it, it would be reasonably easy to do so.

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