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res_pjsip: Forward PJSIP logging to Asterisk logging

Review Request #2830 - Created Sept. 6, 2013 and submitted

David Lee
jcolp, mmichelson
This patch uses PJSIP's pj_log_set_log_func() to forward PJSIP's log
messages to Asterisk's logger. This is done in a new module:

This patch sets defaultenabled on the existing to
no, since logging every SIP packet seems a bit odd to do by default, and
is (hopefully) less necessary with regular PJSIP logging.

It also removes res_rtp_asterisk's disabling of PJSIP logging.

From the \file comment:

 * PJSIP logging doesn't exactly match Asterisk logging, but mapping the two is
 * not too bad. PJSIP log levels are identified by a single int. Limits are
 * not specified by PJSIP, but their implementation used 1 through 6.
 * The mapping is as follows:
 *  - 0: LOG_ERROR
 *  - 1: LOG_ERROR
 *  - 2: LOG_WARNING
 *  - 3 and above: equivalent to ast_debug(level, ...) for
Configured res_pjsip, set the debug level, started up a phone, watched
the logs roll in.
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