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ARI: Update for latest Swagger 1.2 spec

Review Request #2909 - Created Oct. 15, 2013 and submitted

David Lee
The Swagger 1.2 specification for type extension ended up being
slightly different than my proposal. Instead of putting an 'extends'
field on the subtype, the base type has a 'subTypes' field, which is a
list of the subTypes. Given that its a messaging model and not an
object model, kinda makes sense.

This patch changes the events.json api-doc, and the python translators
to take the new format into account.

Other changes that are in Swagger 1.2 were not adopted, since the spec
is still in flux, and could change before it's finalized.

A summary of changes to the Swagger-1.2 spec can be found at
Checked output of 'make ari-stubs' to ensure nothing changed.
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