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Voicemail: Remove mailbox identifier format (box@context) assumptions in the system.

Review Request #3072 - Created Dec. 13, 2013 and submitted

Removed code from the system for normal mailbox handling that appends @default to the mailbox identifier if it does not have a context.  The only exception is the legacy hasvoicemail users.conf option.  The legacy option will only work for app_voicemail mailboxes.  (I'd like to just remove the hasvoicemail option since it is usually superceeded by an explicit mailbox option. :) )  The system cannot make any assumptions about the format of the mailbox identifer used by app_voicemail.

chan_sip and chan_dahdi/sig_pri had the most changes because they both tried to interpret the mailbox identifier.  chan_sip just stored and compared the two components.  chan_dahdi actually used the box information.

The ISDN MWI support configuration options had to be reworked because chan_dahdi was parsing the box@context format to get the box number.  As a result the mwi_vm_boxes chan_dahdi.conf option was added and is documented in the chan_dahdi.conf.sample file.
Tested chan_dahdi to be sure that the new mwi_vm_boxes option parses correctly and sets up mailboxes.
Tested chan_sip to be sure that the mailbox option works.
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