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verbosity: Fix performance of console verbose messages.

Review Request #3114 - Created Jan. 9, 2014 and submitted

The per console verbose level feature as previously implemented caused a large performance penalty.  The fix required some minor incompatibilities if the new rasterisk is used to connect to an earlier version.  If the new rasterisk connects to an older Asterisk version then the root console verbose level is always affected by the "core set verbose" command of the remote console even though it may appear to only affect the current console.  If an older version of rasterisk connects to the new version then the "core set verbose" command will have no effect.

* Fixed the verbose performance by not generating a verbose message if nothing is going to use it and then filtered any generated verbose messages before actually sending them to the remote consoles.

* Split the "core set debug" and "core set verbose" CLI commands to remove the per module verbose support that cannot work with the per console verbose level.

* Added a silent option to the "core set verbose" command.

* Fixed "core set debug off" tab completion.

* Made "core show settings" list the current console verbosity in addition to the root console verbosity.

* Changed the default verbose level of the 'verbose' setting in the logger.conf [logfiles] section.  The default is now to once again follow the current root console level.  As a result, using the AMI Command action with "core set verbose" could again set the root console verbose level and affect the verbose level logged.
Setup an extension that had a simple dialplan extension that decremented a counter from 500000 and nothing logging or viewing verbose messages.
On my machine, Asterisk v11 without the patch took 63 seconds while with the patch it took 25 seconds.

Tested the "core set verbose" CLI command tab completion.

Tested that different verbose levels on multiple rasterisk connections got the expected verbose messages.
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