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a separate output-dir option

Review Request #3949 - Created Aug. 26, 2014 and updated

Tzafrir Cohen
This is a preliminary patch and I don't expect it to be included in the test suite as-is. However I welcome any ideas on generalising it so I could avoid including it.

I package the test suite in Debian in order to be able to run tests on Asterisk (and wherever). Including the test suite within the Asterisk package itself didn't look as a good alternative: I should be able to update it independenly of Asterisk, and such huge extra sources don't look good.

Running the test suite on an installed version of Asterisk works well (and the test driver makes it trivially easy to run tests in a separate container. Of any type). However the test suite likes to write into the same directory structure as the one of the tests. The tests are a large collection of architecture-independent files[1] and thus all belong under /usr/share . But the test results[2] seem to be basically two things:

1. the logs directory
2. The results XML file

I started writing a patch that redirects both of them to a structure under /var/lib/asterisk-testsuite (maybe /var/log would have been better). Redirecting the XML file was very simple. I started trying to figure out how to redirect the logs, and noticed that there are too many references to them. But then noticed that it would be simpler for me to redirect the logs directory at install time using a symlink.

So: anybody else needs such a patch? If so: is it useful without redirecting the logs?

BTW: the wrapper I use to run the tests:

cd /usr/share/asterisk-testsuite
exec ./ -o "/var/lib/asterisk-testsuite" "$@"

[1] besides asttest. I have it in a separate binary package. It seems it is still needed.
[2] Ignoring /tmp/asterisk-testsuite - a permanent path under /tmp. I really hope noone shouts at me for that. runs on a server provided by Digium, Inc. and uses bandwidth donated to the open source Asterisk community by API Digital Communications in Huntsville, AL USA.
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