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utils: Create ast_strsep function that ignores separators inside quotes.

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George Joseph
I'm going to need this for my imminent manager and config
enhancements but I thought I'd post this separately.

  \brief Act like strsep but ignore separators inside quotes.
  \param s Pointer to address of the the string to be processed.
  Will be modified and can't be constant.
  \param sep A single character delimiter.
  \param flags Controls post-processing of the result.
  AST_STRSEP_TRIM trims all leading and trailing whitespace from the result.
  AST_STRSEP_STRIP does a trim then strips the outermost quotes.  You may want
  to trim again after the strip.  Just OR both the TRIM and STRIP flags.
  AST_STRSEP_UNESCAPE unescapes '\' sequences.
  AST_STRSEP_ALL does all of the above processing.
  \return The next token or NULL if done or if there are more than 8 levels of
  nested quotes.

  This function acts like strsep with three exceptions...
  The separator is a single character instead of a string.
  Separators inside quotes are treated literally instead of like separators.
  You can elect to have leading and trailing whitespace and quotes
  stripped from the result and have '\' sequences unescaped.

  Like strsep, ast_strsep maintains no internal state and you can call it
  recursively using different separators on the same storage.

  Also like strsep, for consistent results, consecutive separators are not
  collapsed so you may get an empty string as a valid result.

	char *mystr = ast_strdupa("abc=def,ghi='zzz=yyy,456',jkl");
	char *token, *token2, *token3;

	while((token = ast_strsep(&mystr, ',', AST_SEP_STRIP))) {
		// 1st token will be aaa=def
		// 2nd token will be ghi='zzz=yyy,456'
		while((token2 = ast_strsep(&token, '=', AST_SEP_STRIP))) {
			// 1st token2 will be ghi
			// 2nd token2 will be zzz=yyy,456
			while((token3 = ast_strsep(&token2, ',', AST_SEP_STRIP))) {
				// 1st token3 will be zzz=yyy
				// 2nd token3 will be 456
				// and so on
		// 3rd token will be jkl

char *ast_strsep(char **s, const char sep, uint32_t flags);

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