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Testsuite: Creating a named ARI bridge twice causes a crash

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Ashley Sanders
Currently in ARI (Asterisk REST Interface), posting to the: /ari/bridges/{bridgeId} endpoint without specifying a value for the [name] query parameter, will crash Asterisk if the bridge you are attempting to create (or update) has the same ID as an existing bridge. The internal mechanism of the POST operation interprets a null value for name, thus resulting in an error condition that crashes Asterisk.

The first step in resolving this was to construct tests to ensure that Asterisk behaves as expected when submitting requests for creating a new bridge when a bridge with the same ID already exists in memory. The expected behavior is to reject such requests and return an HTTP status code of 500 (Internal Server Error). 

***This is the test. It is only the test.*** By itself, this patch will crash asterisk (which actually confirms the issue). You can find the review for the Asterisk source at:

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