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realtime: Updates fail to work due to update fields being passed over for lookup fields

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Matt Jordan
When a crash was fixed due to usage of the REALTIME function (see ASTERISK-24231 and, an apparent glitch was introduced into ast_update2_realtime where the update fields passed to the function would be skipped and the lookup field processed twice.

The usage of this function is a bit interesting: A variable argument list is used with two sentinel values - the first marks the end of the lookup fields/values; the second marks the end of the update fields/values. A typical call looks like this:

./apps/app_voicemail.c:	if (ast_update2_realtime("voicemail", "context", vmu->context, "mailbox", vmu->mailbox, SENTINEL, "password", password, SENTINEL) > 0) {

Unfortunately, ast_update2_realtime parses over the lookup fields twice, as opposed to parsing over the update fields. This causes the lookups to succeed, but the updates itself to have no effect.

Thanks to the issue reporter, Paddy Grice, for pointing out the problem.

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