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app_confbridge: Repeatedly starting and stopping recording ref leaks the recording channel. (v13 version)

Review Request #4369 - Created Jan. 23, 2015 and submitted

Starting and stopping conference recording more than once causes the
recording channels to be leaked.  For v13 the channels also show up in the
CLI "core show channels" output.

* Reworked and simplified the recording channel code to use
ast_bridge_impart() instead of managing the recording thread in the
ConfBridge code.  The recording channel's ref handling easily falls into
place and other off nominal code paths get handled better as a result.

v11 version of patch:

Please ignore the change in cli.c.  That change is for a future patch.
With the test:
The confbridge testsuite tests still pass.
Manual testing no longer has the recording channel ref leak.

The v13 version of the patch no longer has the CBRec channel left in the
CLI "core show channels" output.
Review request changed
Updated (Jan. 27, 2015, 12:24 p.m.)
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