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Update res_format_attr_opus & res_format_attr_silk to new media formats architecture

Review Request #4371 - Created Jan. 26, 2015 and submitted

Sean Bright
In r419044, we changed how formats were handled, but the return value of the format_parse_sdp_fmtp functions in res_format_attr_opus and res_format_attr_silk were not updated, causing calls to fail.  Ran into this when getting codec_opus working with Asterisk 13.

Once the return value was corrected, we were crashing in opus_getjoint because of NULL format attributes.  I've fixed this as well in this patch.  There may be a similar issue with SILK, but I don't have access to codec_silk for Asterisk 13 so I cannot test.
Ran a test call with codec_opus.
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Updated (Jan. 28, 2015, 8:36 a.m.)
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