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Testsuite: Attended transfers from non-Stasis to a Stasis bridge

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This adds the Attended Transfers from non-Stasis to a Stasis bridge tests 1.1 & 1.2 as described on the StasisStart/StasisEnd Test Plan at:

* These tests use the module that is up for review at
* The tests may occasionally fail due to bug ASTERISK-24755.
* These tests constantly fail due to ASTERISK-24782. The YAML config 'expected-result: False' has been set for the tests. Once the bug has been resolved the config line should be removed from both.
* Because of bug ASTERISK-24782, a few ARI/AMI events aren't received and actions don't fire. Therefore those events/actions in the YAML haven't been tested.
* Executed tests multiple times.
* Reviewed logs to ensure the tests were executing as expected.
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