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dns: Define a core DNS API with examples.

Review Request #4437 - Created Feb. 22, 2015 and submitted

Joshua Colp
A wiki page is present at:

Which details a new DNS API for Asterisk. This exists as a thin wrapper over other resolver libraries. The core part provides a common interface and some additional features, such as NAPTR/SRV parsing and recurring lookups. Examples are provided which cover the common use cases for the API.

Some stuff to think about:

1. Does this encompass everything we think a low level API should?
2. Are there any higher level APIs that would be useful to have?
3. Is the usage intuitive and easy?
4. Are there other examples which would help?
5. Do we want resolvers to be actual modules or keep them in-core?
6. Anything else you think of

Have at it!
I've logically run through the API and examples to ensure they provide what is needed for the future, to make them as easy as possible to use, and to ensure higher level APIs can be created.
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