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testsuite: Increase timeout for Asterisk shutdown

Review Request #4464 - Created March 9, 2015 and submitted

Corey Farrell
I've run into issues lately in Asterisk 13+ where 5 seconds is not long enough to complete the Asterisk shutdown, causing it to be killed.  This results in many false failures with REF_DEBUG enabled.  I feel the best way to handle this is to always increase the timeout to 10 seconds.  I realize that REF_DEBUG is the reason it's taking longer, but it's also the reason that dozens of these timeouts have been resolved.

If needed I can find a way to check for the existance of a refs log and double the timeout if found, but I don't think 10 seconds is an unreasonable.  It's tough to tell but I think this issue effects around 30 tests in 13/trunk (approximate number of tests with unstable results).  Once this is committed it'll be easier to identify and resolve real shutdown timeouts - where Asterisk wouldn't shutdown no matter how long you wait.
No more shutdown timeouts from tests capable of graceful shutdown.
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