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logger: Replace 'struct ast_callid' with unsigned int's.

Review Request #4466 - Created March 11, 2015 and submitted

Corey Farrell
The logger currently uses an AO2 to store a callid (int).  This patch changes callid's to 'unsigned int'.  AO2 is not needed for callid's.

This also fixes a theoretical infinate loop if a callid is subjected to an extra unreference but left in threadstorage.  If ast_log tries getting an already released callid from threadstorage, ao2_ref will log an error.  This would cause ast_log to try grabbing a reference to the callid again (same thread).  The probability of this is very low and requires other code to be broken, but it's not impossible.

Change in behaviour: currently the first callid == 0.  This patch changes the first callid to 1 since 0 now represents the lack of callid.
Ran a couple tests against chan_sip and chan_iax2, visually inspected log files.
My dev system doesn't build chan_dahdi (ever), so Matt Jordan verified it still compiles.
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Updated (March 12, 2015, 8:26 p.m.)
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