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chan_pjsip/res_pjsip_callerid: Make Party ID handling simpler and consistent.

Review Request #4472 - Created March 10, 2015 and submitted

The res_pjsip modules were manually checking both name and number
presentation values when there is a function that determines the combined
presentation for a party ID struct.  The function takes into account if
the name or number components are valid while the manual code rarely
checked if the data was even valid.

* Made use ast_party_id_presentation() rather than manually checking party
ID presentation values.

* Ensure that set_id_from_pai() and set_id_from_rpid() will not return
presentation values other than what is pulled out of the SIP headers.  It
is best if the code doesn't assume that AST_PRES_ALLOWED and

* Fixed copy paste error in add_privacy_params() dealing with RPID

* Pulled the id->number.valid test from add_privacy_header() and
add_privacy_params() up into the parent function add_id_headers() to skip
adding PAI/RPID headers earlier.

* Made update_connected_line_information() not send out connected line
updates if the connected line number is invalid.  Lower level code would
not add the party ID information and thus the sent message would be

* Eliminated RAII_VAR usage in send_direct_media_request().
Ran the tests/channels/pjsip testsuite tests.  They still pass.
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