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testsuite: Fix reference leaks and shutdown timeouts in more tests

Review Request #4478 - Created March 11, 2015 and submitted

Corey Farrell
* apps/page/page_baseline: hangup channels ignoring errors
* apps/queues/position_priority_maxlen: hangup channels
* callparking_retrieval: hangup parkee
* channels/SIP/sip_tls_call: hangup the channel that gives the last DTMF event
* channels/local/local_optimize_away: no longer has shutdown timeout, but still has some reference leaks.  This might be an Asterisk leak.
* rest_api/events/user/multi: requires chan_pjsip.  The missing of dependency was causing Bamboo failures.
* rest_api/external_interaction/ami_bridge/stasis_bridge/non_stasis_app: delete the bridge
* rest_api/request-bodies: delete the bridges
Of the modified tests only channels/local/local_optimize_away still fails for leaks.
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