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res_xmpp: Buddies are always auto-registered when processing the roster

Review Request #4496 - Created March 14, 2015 and submitted

Matt Jordan
From the issue:

In both xmpp_roster_hook and xmpp_client_create_buddy, it ignores the XMPP_AUTOREGISTER setting and sets "buddy->subscribe = 1" if there is no subscription.

This is a regression as it was already fixed in ASTERISK-14233. It is extremely inconvenient to have Asterisk send "Greetings! I am the Asterisk Open Source PBX and I want to subscribe to your presence" to everyone in your contact list.

I am sharing my own XMPP account with Asterisk (at a negative priority) and this needs to be a recognised use case where Asterisk should not do inappropriate things.

We are indeed ignoring the XMPP_AUTOREGISTER setting. This is due to not properly copying over the global settings to the client settings. Thanks to Simon Arlott for providing the patch for this.

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