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ast_register_atexit should only be used when absolutely needed (11 version)

Review Request #4500 - Created March 15, 2015 and submitted

Corey Farrell
11, 13, trunk
We've had many issues related to "core stop now" or "core restart now" causing segmentation faults.  The solution to this is to change almost everything to use ast_register_cleanup.

CDR: Flush records.
res_musiconhold: Kill external applications.
AstDB: Close the DB.
canary_exit: Kill canary process.

Although some changes from ast_register_atexit to ast_register_cleanup are not strictly necessary, the point is for nothing to use ast_register_atexit except where required.  For this reason the change is across the board.
Compiled, started and ran 'core stop now'.
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Updated (March 26, 2015, 6:26 p.m.)
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