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Audit ast_sockaddr_resolve() usage memory leaks.

Review Request #4509 - Created March 17, 2015 and submitted

Valgrind found some memory leaks associated with ast_sockaddr_resolve().
Most of the leaks had already been fixed by earlier memory leak hunt
patches.  This patch performs an audit of ast_sockaddr_resolve() and found
one more.

* Fix ast_sockaddr_resolve() memory leak in

* Made main/netsock2.c:ast_sockaddr_resolve() always set the addrs
parameter for safety so the pointer will never be uninitialized on return.
The same goes for res/res_pjsip_acl.c:extract_contact_addr().

* Made functions that call ast_sockaddr_resolve() with RAII_VAR()
controlling the addrs variable use ast_free instead of ast_free_ptr to
provide better MALLOC_DEBUG information.

This review is against v13 but a subset applies to v11.
Compiling and code inspection.
Review request changed
Updated (March 17, 2015, 5:25 p.m.)
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