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clang compiler warning: -Winitializer-overrides

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Diederik de Groot
clang's static analyzer will throw quite a number warnings / errors during compilation, some of which can be very helpfull in finding corner-case bugs. 

clang compiler warning:-Winitializer-overrides

res_pjsip/config_transport.c:382:25: warning: initializer overrides prior initialization of this subobject [-Winitializer-overrides]
        [PJSIP_TLSV1_METHOD] = "tlsv1",
res_pjsip/config_transport.c:380:31: note: previous initialization is here
        [PJSIP_SSL_DEFAULT_METHOD] = "default",

Possible Solutions:
1. PJSIP_SSL_DEFAULT_METHOD is defined as PJSIP_TLSV1_METHOD -> remove the offending initializer in line 380
2. define PJSIP_SSL_DEFAULT_METHOD locally (overriding the default define from /usr/include/pjsip/sip_transport_tls.h) and use a different value for it.

Not sure which method would be preferred, leaving that decision to the code owner.

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