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clang compiler warning: fixes for tests to be compiled using clang

Review Request #4555 - Created March 29, 2015 and submitted

Diederik de Groot
clang's static analyzer will throw quite a number warnings / errors during compilation, some of which can be very helpfull in finding corner-case bugs. 

fixes for tests to be compiled using clang
executing the tests one-by-one works fine (completes to end) (skipping /main/stdtime) -> 
test show results failed:

=================== /main/message/ ====== 
FAIL   test_message_queue_handler_nom /main/message/             31036ms
[test_message.c:int handler_wait_for_message(struct ast_test *):244]: Test timed out while waiting for handler to get message

Not sure if this is actually a fail or just a timeout. WIP

=================== /main/strings/ ====== 
FAIL   escape_semicolons              /main/strings/             1ms     
[Mar 29 20:13:43] ERROR[2521]: utils.c:493 char *ast_escape_semicolons(const char *, char *, int): FRACK!, Failed assertion string != NULL && outbuf != NULL (0)
-> explainable by the change made to the source. ast_alloca(0) is not being executed -> test2 = NULL: need to resolv the open question how to handle ast_alloca(0) before making any further changes.

(With revision 5 of this code, this test now passes without a problem, had to fix both the test and the function being tested though)

=================== /main/stdtime ====== 
"test execute all" fails, caused by the /main/stdtime/ test. 
START  /main/stdtime/ - timezone_watch 
[test_time.c:enum ast_test_result_state test_timezone_watch(struct ast_test_info *, enum ast_test_command, struct ast_test *):84]: Executing deletion test...
CLI becomes unresponsive / no further command completion for example.
Guess this will need a little further investigation. Maybe the source changes made to main/stdtime/ where not completely correct.

Seems to be caused by inotify_daemon, at least there is where the segfault happens. WIP
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<testsuite errors="0" time="181.742" tests="444" n
<property name="version" value="SV

Changes between revision 6 and 7

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