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build: Fixes for gcc 5 compilation

Review Request #4581 - Created April 3, 2015 and submitted

George Joseph
These are fixes for compilation under gcc 5.0...

chan_sip.c:    In parse_request needed to make 'lim' unsigned.
inline_api.h:  Needed to add a check for '__GNUC_STDC_INLINE__' to detect C99 inline semantics (same as clang).
ccss.c:        In ast_cc_set_parm, needed to fix weird comparison.
dsp.c:         Needed to work around a possible compiler bug.  It was throwing an array-bounds error but neither
               sgriepentrog, rmudgett nor I could figure out why.
manager.c:     In action_atxfer, needed to correct an array allocation.

If I can reproduce the possible gcc bug in a short test case, I'll submit it upstream.

This patch will go to 11, 13, trunk.

Reported-by: Jeffrey Ollie
Ran unit and testsuite tests.  No differences detected.
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Updated (April 7, 2015, 6:11 a.m.)
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