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Voicemail API: fix handling of mailbox full condition

Review Request #4595 - Created April 6, 2015 and submitted

Scott Griepentrog
11, 13, trunk
In r115582 (2008), the ERROR_MAILBOX_FULL flag was removed, and a check of the save_to_folder result no longer handled the mailbox full condition.  This lead to the deletion of a new Inbox message, once played, that could not be relocated to the Old mailbox because of the maxmsg limit.  This patch restores the original functionality lost, which is to leave the message in the Inbox without deleting it.
Tested manually on my system under Asterisk 13.
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Updated (April 7, 2015, 3:23 p.m.)
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Committed in revision 434280 runs on a server provided by Digium, Inc. and uses bandwidth donated to the open source Asterisk community by API Digital Communications in Huntsville, AL USA.
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