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Bridging: Eliminate the unnecessary make channel compatible with bridge operation.

Review Request #4600 - Created April 8, 2015 and submitted

When a channel enters the bridging system it is first made compatible with
the bridge and then the bridge technology makes the channel compatible
with the technology.  For all but the DAHDI native and softmix bridge
technologies the make channel compatible with the bridge step is an
effective noop because the other technologies allow all audio formats.
For the DAHDI native bridge technology it doesn't matter because it is not
an initial bridge technology and chan_dahdi allows only one native format
per channel.  For the softmix bridge technology, it is a noop at best and
harmful at worst because the wrong translation path could be setup if the
channel's native formats allow more than one audio format.

This is an intermediate patch for a series of patches aimed at improving
translation path choices.

* Removed code dealing with the unnecessary step of making the channel
compatible with the bridge.
Since the removed code is a noop for all bridge technologies but softmix
and without the code identified in ASTERISK-24841 allowing the PJSIP
native format capabilities to hold more than one audio format at a time,
there is no difference between the patch being applied or not.

Calls using G.722 into ConfBridge still work.
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Updated (April 10, 2015, 7:23 p.m.)
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