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loader/main: Don't set ast_fully_booted until deferred reloads are processed

Review Request #4604 - Created April 8, 2015 and submitted

George Joseph
Until we have a true module management facility it's sometimes necessary for one module to force a reload on another before its own load is complete.  If Asterisk isn't fully booted yet, these reloads are deferred.  The problem is that asterisk reports fully booted before processing the deferred reloads which means Asterisk really isn't quite ready when it says it is.

This patch moves the report of fully booted after the processing of the deferred reloads is complete.
Since the pjsip stack has the most number of related modules, I ran the channels/pjsip testsuite to make sure there aren't any issues.  All tests passed.

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Updated (April 9, 2015, 6:23 p.m.)
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