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res_pjsip_config_wizard: Cleanup load unload

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George Joseph
While investigating other unload issues I realized that the load/unload process for the config wizard was pretty ugly so I've refactored it as follows...

When the res_pjsip sorcery instance is created the config_wizard bumps it's own module reference to prevent it from unloading while the sorcery instance is still active.  When res_pjsip unloads and it's sorcery instance is destroyed, the config wizard unrefs itself which then allows itself to unload cleanly.  Since the config wizard now can't load after res_pjsip or unload before it (which should have been the correct behavior all along), I was able to remove the chunks of code in both load_module and unload_module that handled that case.

Ran the testsuite tests to insure there were no functional changes and REF_DEBUG to insure that Asterisk was shutting down cleanly with no FRACKs or leaks.
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