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Add new AGI command: PARK

Review Request #681 - Created June 1, 2010 and updated

Paul Belanger
bklang has submitted this patch to the issue tracker, it is now flagged ready for review.
I needed a way to programmatically park calls via AGI and return the parking slot to the script for further processing. Since the generic EXEC AGI command does not allow returning information, I created this patch which adds the PARK command to AGI. On success, the parking lot space is returned. The PARK command accepts the same arguments as the dialplan function PARK and in fact uses the same parsing code. 
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Updated (June 16, 2010, 5:43 a.m.)
Posted (June 17, 2014, 10:44 a.m.)
This review should probably be closed.  There is absolutely no what it is still relevant given the changes to call parking that went into 12.
  1. s/no what/no way/
  2. That said, this should be much easier to do in 12 and could follow a very similar structure to the manager park command in res/parking/parking_manager.c
  3. Of course, one could argue that ignoring a patch until we've completely overhauled the core that it depended on is a 'lame move' as well... runs on a server provided by Digium, Inc. and uses bandwidth donated to the open source Asterisk community by API Digital Communications in Huntsville, AL USA.
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